About Me

Hey there,

happy to have you here where you can find a super quick breakdown of who I am and what I do. Silkyluss is Tjasa (pronounced Tee-asha) Abraham, a passionate graphic designer with over 5 years of experience in graphic design and production service industry. I run my own logo/web design offering from my home in Slovenia.

I have worked with companies from all over the globe, designing visual identities for law firms, real estate, candle and honey producers, hair stylists, wellness, charity, dentistry, and even for Slovenian handball superstar!

I enjoy reading books, mountain biking, hiking, spending time with my furry buddy, Don – teaching each other to conquer fears with love while having fun, and following my passion, design.

But my passion is deeper than just a design. I wish to be part of a space that surrounds and supports other entrepreneurs – people like you – ambitious people who are chasing a dream and ready to see it grow.

I am pretty versed in working remotely, therefore I am open to working with clients from all around the world.

What I stand for?

Why me?

I am focused on problem-solving. Each creation I develop for you is one-of-a-kind, meticulously crafted, and tailored to represent your specific business. I always take the time to understand what you and your customers are looking for and how my service can meet those needs.

  • Based on your input + feedback
  • Tailored to your mission and industry
  • Crafted to ‘speak to’ your customers
  • No clip-art, templates or stock images
  • No hidden costs

I believe that all good work begins with a clear vision and a strong concept. This, paired with a positive attitude, some hard work and a lot of love is where the magic happens!

To achieve top-tier results that align with your goals and foster enduring partnerships, I am committed to collaborating closely with you. Rest assured, I will exert maximum effort to support the growth and success of your business with great visuals.

Custom Brand Design is for you
if you want…

Showcase your professionalism and attract dream clients willing to pay top dollar for your work.

Increase your brand’s perceived value and position your business to stand out from the competition.

Confidently raise your rates and achieve your financial goals while doing the work you most enjoy.

Impress your clients with a cohesive branded experience at every touchpoint and increase referrals.

You deserve to work with a designer who cares about your visual presence as much as you do. My strategic approach ensures you receive effective design solutions that deliver results. 

I would love the opportunity to exceed your expectations!

Let’s spark your brand and make it shine brighter. Get ready to steal your clients’ hearts! ❤︎

Clients I’ve worked with