Case Study

Terkiana is a law firm specializing in immigration law, led by attorney Jay Terkiana.

In May 2023 I worked as a Brand Designer for Jay Terkiana, the owner of a law firm.

For well over a decade, Terkiana, PC has helped individuals across the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond with their immigration problems. As a result, they have successfully handled thousands of cases and gained an in-depth understanding of this complicated area of law.

They were seeking a sophisticated and high-class design that reflects the firm’s expertise in immigration law and personal legal services. They wanted SIMPLE, elegant, refined, distinctive, convey expertise and luxury feel.

The idea in this logo starts from the principle of a study of several symbols related to the segment of advocacy with the intention of uniting these elements in a way that makes it sophisticated, memorable, mature, masculine, and strong.

I came up with this classic and timeless monogram design symbolizing the pillar created out of the letter T speaking strength, stability, and support.


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