Case Study

Flyadvokaten is a law firm with more than 10 years of experience helping air passengers claim compensation.

If your flight is canceled, you may be entitled to flight compensation. They are Denmark’s only law firm specializing in air passenger rights.

Wishes for their new logo was to express that they are an aviation law firm and that they are serious and professional.

I set out on a creative journey to craft a standout design that embodies the brand’s essence with simplicity and impact.

The innovative fusion of the letter F, wings, and pillar in a shield exudes confidence and trustworthiness for potential customers to resonate with.

In the digital age, carrying around a stack of tiny, printed cards with your name and contact information might seem archaic. But it’s not.

Business cards still have a place in today’s world. You can improve your professional image and get the word out about your business using this affordable tool.

The main color that defines the Flyadvokaten brand is blue. We associate it with qualities like trust, reliability, professionalism, and calmness.

It’s a perfect choice for this brand to convey a sense of stability and security to its audience.

For the Primary Typeface, I picked Sans-serif (BASS), a monolinear geometric typeface designed for display use. It’s great due to their clarity and legibility at a distance in advertising and display use when printed very large or small.

Sans-serif is the best font for combining Serif and Script, so I chose beautiful, modern Serif typography for the Secondary Typeface.

One highly effective strategy to help your brand stand out is branded merchandise.

More than just a logo, it’s a presentation of the entire brand experience. Items like branded coffee mugs embody and communicate the lifestyle and principles your brand stands for. 


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