Mariana Miller
Case Study

Mariana is an independent hairstylist.

In November 2022 I worked as a Brand Designer with Mariana Miller, the owner of a two hair salon locations.

For this project, she was looking for a Brand Identity with target audience both men and women who need haircuts and colour. The style she was looking was something with a chic warm modern farmhouse style with elements of nature.

After gathering all the info through the questions, like what she’s doing, how, why, her goals, frustrations and her values, I collected the repeated and relevant keywords to create a logo design.

These keywords are the essence of what she is really trying to communicate and this is what helped me develop the core brand identity.

Every keyword from hers identity can be translated into visual language with the right set of colours, typography and style. I also design a lot of logo assets which are really important for every brand identity to express it in a unique and individual style.


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