Case Study

Moconi is a luxury real estate company.

In May 2023 I worked as a Logo Designer with moconi. They are a luxury real estate company with over 25 years of experience and expert knowledge in enhancing property values.

Moconi offers an exclusive and personalized hands-on approach to buying, selling, and investing in all types of Commercial and upscale Residential properties. They help you every step of the way to complete a successful real estate transaction. They aim to make buying, selling, and leasing real estate enjoyable, and rewarding for every client they serve.

I always strive to be creative and to stand out of the crowd that’s why I didn’t create a typical logo with houses, roofs, etc. It’s a simple initial letter of the business name and a star. A star symbolizes positivity, happiness, and renewal – a symbol that guides the way.

If you are looking for a new high-end home this shiny m will guide your way.

I embarked on a journey to create a design that would stand out and that would pay the authenticity of confidence. My goal was to create a simple yet impactful logo that captures the essence of a brand.

I strove to craft a minimalist logo that authentically evokes the spirit of stability. At this point, I recognize the importance of developing a cohesive visual identity to populate websites and social media platforms.

Every design case is explicitly considered, reflecting my dedication to delivering a brand experience that is equally visually pleasing and meticulously executed.

Monograms are a classic motif that has never really gone out of style. With these muted colors, I wanted to keep the design trendy. Blue is a colour of stability and reliability which is undoubtedly a great primary color for this business purpose.

Lanyard ID badge mockup, black 3D design psd


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