Sarah Heyes
About The Project

Sarah Heyes is a holistic skin specialist.

Our skin is a reflection of everything that’s going on inside of our body. Do you ever wonder why you get a massive blemish right before a huge work presentation? How about that pesky friend that visits your chin once a month right before your menstrual cycle? Those, my friends, are directly linked to what’s going on internally—namely emotional stress and hormonal imalances—which is why a holistic approach to skin care is so important.

Sarah’s Heyes concept aims to cleanse, tone, moisturise and beautify, while also considering the skin’s natural day/night rhythm.

With this brand identity we are trying to attract women ages 25-45 that are eco conscious, love plants and that values self care and aren’t afraid to spend money. Design communicates nature. It’s mature, feminine and sophisticated with organic touch.

As you can see in this design I emphasized the brand name with some elegant but still bold typography. To give it an organic, natural feel I created this beautiful organic tree.

Logo is used across many different mediums, on top of images and different backgrounds that’s why I created a design which can be easier to integrate across multiple platforms because we don’t have to worry about the legibility of a brand name.

Color Palette


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