Train with Amber
Case Study

Amber is a personal trainer and on-the-go mom.

In March 2023 I worked as a Brand Designer with Amber, a fitness professional from Atlanta.

She is on a mission to provide a safe place for quality information about exercise. Her hope is that we can stop comparing our every day with someone’s best day which was achieved with Photoshop and perfect lighting.  She really hopes that women can embrace their bodies the way they are now, and stop just worrying about getting smaller.

As she believes that strength training is MAGIC, I created this strong and bold monogram.

This project aimed to create an identity that would establish direct communication with the target audience, opening doors to new business opportunities and strengthening its position of empowering women. 

Amber’s idea was to create a youthful, playful, modern logo with a cool retro vibe.

With this design, I wanted to express boldness, power, and energy! Vibrant colors and all the assets are communicating dynamic and passion for an active life.

Passion is energy! Do you agree?

In air. Caucasian professional female athlete, runner training isolated on white studio background. Muscular, sportive woman. Concept of action, motion, youth, healthy lifestyle. Copyspace for ad.


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